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Coming this spring: Four books in ONE!



Andy Shane and his (know-it-all) friend Dolores Starbuckle have plenty to disagree over — and laugh about — in this four-in-one collection of tales.

From insects in the classroom to Halloween pranksters, from the school Culture Fair to the new girl with a basement full of puppies, Andy Shane and his friend Dolores are never lacking for something exciting in these early chapter book stories.

This bind-up includes:

  • Andy Shane and the Very Bossy Dolores Starbuckle
  • Andy Shane and the Pumpkin Trick
  • Andy Shane and the Queen of Egypt
  • Andy Shane Is NOT in Love

I read the first chapter:


  • A Junior Library Guild Selection
  • Chicago Public Library’s Best Children’s Book, 2006
  • Texas 2X2 List Selection
  • Scholastic Book Club Selections
  • Nominated: Beverly Cleary Children’s Choice Award
  • Nominated: Illinois Monarch Children’s Choice Award
  • Bank Street’s 100 Best Books of the Year

  • Audios available

Reviews (of the first book)

* A surprise school visit teaches Andy something about sticking up for himself and using every resource-even the Stare-to solve a problem. Open, humorous sketches are just the right touch for this hilarious, pitch-perfect school story. Readers will want to follow Andy all the way through school. (Fiction. 5-8)
— Kirkus, starred review

* The characters are complex and realistic . . . The narrative voice is fresh and whimsical as when an impatient Dolores waves “her arms like a willow in a windstorm.” The pen-and-ink illustrations effectively depict Andy’s frustration, Dolores’s temper, and Granny’s zany self-assuredness. Andy Shane is a welcome addition to the pantheon of compelling chapter-book protagonists. Children who feel upstaged by the Junie B.s of the world will be grateful to make his acquaintance.
— School Library Journal, starred review

Dolores, consistently depicted in Carter’s frequent, informally drawn classroom scenes with her mouth either pursed disapprovingly or wide open, will elicit shivers of recognition from many young readers, and her final transformation from termagant-in-training to Andy’s bosom buddy, though suspiciously quick, brings a satisfying sense of resolution.
— Booklist